Before you Start, make sure you sign up for a FREE Payza account since most PTC sites use this form of payout service. This is how you'll get paid. It's just like PayPal but without the fees.


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

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Clicksia, Incentria and PTCBox ... are Paid To Click websites, or PTC. What that means is that you click on ads and view them for a few seconds and get $0.01 to $0.015 cents added to your account. This isn’t much, but the key to earning here is through referrals. Best part is you can rent or buy referrals and you get paid when they click as well.

Here is what to do step by step.

1. Signup for free by clicking on the above banners. Make sure you have an
Payza . Sign up to 3 of the sites or all for max earnings. An average of $80 a day for each site! 

2. Click on ‘view advertisements’ section in your back office. You should have about 4-5 ads to look at. Click on one, click on the red button and wait for the website to load. Once it says ‘$0.01 credited to your account’ you can close the page and then go to your next ad. After you have viewed all your ads you are done for the day.

3. Repeat this every day until you get over $0.75 x 3 sites = $2.25 in your account or $5 x 3 = $15

4. Transfer $0.75 or $5 to your ‘rental balance’ (on each account) and rent your first 3 referals by clicking on the ‘referrals’ tab. Also, turn autopay ON! This is IMPORTANT! What this does is subtract 1 ad that your rented referral will see each day, but it will put that money towards paying them! Now you have your first 3 rented referrals! If you're buying the referrals you won't need to do this.

5. Keep clicking your ads every day and check to see that your referrals are clicking as well.

In 4-5 days go check your referral stats and if some of your referrals aren’t clicking you can recycle them. To see your referral stats look at ‘referrals’ and click on the blue arrow to the right. This will show you all your rented referals and the last time they have clicked on ads. If one hasn’t been active you can recycle them by clicking on the 2 green arrows on the right side. This costs $0.07 but is worth it because if they aren’t clicking you will lose money.

6. Continue this process – log in and click your ads every day, check your referrals to make sure they are active, and keep renting referrals in increments of 3 or 5 as you get $5 or so in your main balance (don’t forget to transfer those $5 to your rental balance!) until you get to 500 referrals. Yes, this will take time and if you want you can save up your cash and purchase more referrals as you wish. But I advise you to just buy 3 or 5 at a time until you get used to how much money you need to keep your referrals.

7. Once you get to 500 or so referrals. DON’T BUY ANY MORE AND DON’T CASH OUT! THIS IS IMPORTANT! Let your balance build up to $100 and then you can buy Premium or Golden Membership. What this does is DOUBLE the amount of money you are paid from your referrals! Instead of earning $0.005 per referral click you earn $0.01!!!

8. After you upgrade to Premium or Golden (which is a one year upgrade) you can start buying referrals again until you hit 2,000.

9. Once you hit 2,000 referrals start cashing out! 
You should be making at least $80 x 3 sites = $240 a day! or $20 x 3 sites = $60 a day with 500 referrals!

And this hasn’t cost you any of your own money!

Now keep in mind that you can also get direct referrals that you don’t have to rent. Advertise your link to all your friends and contacts and once they join you give them the same steps to do that I have detailed here. HELP THEM SUCCEED AND YOU WILL SUCCEED FASTER!!!

You can earn faster by referring others! So put your link in blogs, forums, traffic exchanges 
and everywhere else you can, but DON’T SPAM!

This does take time, but is worth it!


The most overlooked feature when people build PTC sites is direct referrals. Direct referrals help you earn even faster and better yet they don’t cost any money whereas rented referrals cost you money month after month to maintain. Most people who join PTC don’t bother trying to get direct referrals because they think it is too hard or they try by simply posting their affiliate link everywhere. That doesn’t work.

Getting direct referrals is quite easy if you know how.

Or simply make thousands of dollars in less than a month with your own PTC website!!!!


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